Guidelines for obtaining Duplicate Licence

Documents to be submitted:

	•	Covering letter addressed to the Director of Drugs Control, Chennai-600006, 
		along with Rs.2/- court fee stamp for each licence.
	•	Fees of Rs 1000/-for Allopathic drug / Blood Bank / Approved Drugs Testing 
		Laboratory Rs 250/-for Homeopathic drugs/Cosmetics Rs 100/- for Repacking 
		Licence,as Demand draft in Favour of the Director of Drugs Control, Chennai-6.
	•	Authorization of the signatory of the application form
	•	Copy of the licences/Renewal Certificate held by them and Treasury Challan 
		for the deposit of retention fee along with the list of products permitted.
	•	Affidavit regarding duplicate licence in Rs.100/- stamp paper.
	•	Reason for duplicate licence.