Do's and Don'ts of Drugs

  •   Do's                                                                       
  •   Purchase Medicines only from licensed retail chemists.
  •   Get Cash Bill / Invoices for your Medicines.
  •   Store your Medicines in a Cool, Dark and Dry place.
  •   Take complete course of the prescribed medicines particularly if they are antibiotics.
  •   Please check the price file a complaint with the drug authority.
  •   Keep all medicines out of reach of children.
  •   Please check the manufacturing date, Batch No., Expiry date while you purchase the medicine.
  •   Don'ts                                                                       
  •   Do not keep medicines in kitchen or bathroom cabinets.
  •   Do not take alcohol along with medicines which can be harmful.
  •   Do not give your medicines to others even if the symptoms are same.
  •   Do not discontinue your prescribed medicines unless advised by your doctor.
  •   Do not consume the medicine if it was found damaged or discoloured. In such case file a complaint with the drug authority.
  •   Do not self-medicate.
  •   Please purchase the prescribed medicines as per your doctor's prescription.
  •   Do not accept other brand.